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Benefits of a Personnel Recruitment Service Across Quebec

Established in 2011 and located in the Greater Montreal area, Concorde Agence de Placement is a thriving placement agency whose goal is to satisfy its clients and positively transform the lives of the candidates we place every day, through our recruitment service.

By retaining our services, you benefit from our efficiency and the personalized service throughout our collaboration. Your service manager is in constant contact with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Discover Our Advantages

With us, you will benefit from a cutting-edge evaluation, in-depth research into industries and more:

  • A flexible investment service tailored to your specific needs.

  • A unique source of temporary and casual personnel covering a wide range of technical and professional skills.

  • Ensures that our employees have the essential and necessary skills to succeed in the positions they seek

  • A workforce ready to meet the needs of traditional and non-traditional workplaces.

  • Daily interactions with employees focused on performance, professionalism, discipline and mutual respect.

  • A reduced labour costs by supplementing your workforce as needed to meet fixed deadlines or replace staff on holiday or leave: maternity, illness, parental or other leave.

  • Operational continuity through trained employees.

Placement  and Recruitment of Personnel Services Across Quebec

Contact our team of recruiters today, and they will provide you with a practical and rapid recruitment strategy. Indeed, Concorde is a trustworthy recruitment partner.

The Key Strengths of Our Employment Agency

Simplify your hiring process with us as our company offers solutions tailored to your needs, such as :

  • Continuous placement of temporary staff

  • Simplified hiring

  • Accelerated hiring process

  • Consulting services for a sustainable partnership

  • Healthcare workforce solutions

  • Personnel services, public, para-public and private sector

  • Flexible to operate with customers, work-family flexibility for employees

Temporary Placement Service

The following points characterize our temporary placement service:

  • Concorde Agence de Placement provides qualified employees with various needs in many sectors, in short or long lead times.

  • Top-notch technology for evaluation and assessment

  • In-depth research on sectors of activity

  • Employees when and where it's convenient for you

  • Concorde Agence de Placement services help you excel as a company and reduce human resources costs.

Personnel Placement, Recruitment and Selection

Our main objective is to support you by offering you comprehensive labour solutions. Bringing the right talent to you at the right time is the very first step and our priority. We will provide you with the qualified professionals you need.

The Sectors

Find out more about the main sectors in which we provide our services:

  • Hospitality and hosting centres

  • Long-term care facilities 

  • Health centres

Other Sectors

Check out our list of services we provide to other sectors such as:

  • Administration and human resources

  • General industrial work

  • General work

  • Handling

  • Cook

  • Butcher

  • Others


For your convenience, here are some specific points that you can refer to:

  • Care for the elderly at home

  • Cancer care

  • Palliative care

  • Dementia (and Alzheimer's disease)

We Are Ready to Assist You

Discover your benefits by hiring with our recruitment agency in Montreal.

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