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Personnel Selection Services and Solutions in Quebec

Our main objective is to support you with comprehensive personnel selection services and solutions. Bringing the right talent to you at the right time is the very first step and our priority. We will provide you with the qualified professionals you need. 

Our recruitment and staffing agency's goal is to place competent employees with local companies of all sizes. We are familiar with the type of labour challenges facing Canadian and Quebec companies. Send us messages via email, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Your Challenges Are Now Ours

By working closely with you, we can define your needs and meet your specific challenges. Our staffing solutions focus on enabling your company to maintain its efficiency and productivity, regardless of the labour issues it faces.

Staffing Program

  • Occasional employee

  • Permanent employee

  • Temporary employee

  • Occasional-to-permanent employee

Placement Specialist

Concorde Agence de Placement acts as a specialized placement agency for all categories of qualified labour. Our outsourcing model for occasional, permanent or occasional-to-permanent employees benefits from our understanding of the labour market, data analysis and supply chain management principles. As a result, we can optimize casual spending and give you access to qualified talent from around the world at competitive rates and with minimal risk.

We Are Ready to Assist You

Quality and efficiency are the keys to our recruitment and placement strategy.

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